FLOTUS to Students: Like the President, “No One Gets to Where They Are Without A Lot of Mistakes”

Feb 18, 2010 1:48pm

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller reports: First Lady Michelle Obama today met with ten British high school and middle school students who were rewarded with a trip to the United States after winning an essay contest, sponsored by the US Embassy, for Black History Month. As she often does, the first lady spoke about the possibilities of education, and having “the courage” as young students to build a positive life and to be “proud” of the mistakes they will undoubtedly make along the way. She said her husband sure made his fair share of them too. “I tell my kids that this is practice for the rest of your life,” the first lady said from the Old State Dining Room, “You don’t wake up and become the person that you are. You know, President Obama did not wake up to become who he is. It was a lot of practice early on. Getting things done. You are going to slip and fall and trip along the way. He certainly did.  I did a little less than he did but you know no one gets to where they are without a lot of mistakes.” Mrs. Obama said that everything she did in her life leading up to being First Lady helped prepare her for her new, unexpected role. “Never before would I have imagined that everything that I did up to this point would prepare me to be the First Lady of the United States.  But it really has. And it started, you know, with all the small stuff.  Going to school, taking pride in my work, enjoying being the best at whatever I was going to do. Practicing disciple early on.” The First Lady’s office says this event builds on Mrs. Obama’s efforts to engage young people in the United States and around the world.  In April 2009, Mrs. Obama visited the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School (EGAS) in Islington.  One of the students at today’s event currently attends EGAS. “When I was in the UK and visited the Elizabeth Garrett school that was one of the most memorable moments for me in my first year,” Mrs. Obama said, “I see myself in you all. You know the possibilities. And with guys doing so well and working on these essays and making your way here. What you are doing is laying that foundation. You are demonstrating to your families, to your teachers, to your communities that you are ready to put in the work and get serious and focused and by doing that the important thing is to know that you can do anything.” -Sunlen Miller

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