President Obama wants changes to NCLB

By Matt Loffman

Feb 22, 2010 11:50am

ABC News’ Yunji de Nies Reports: President Barack Obama says American children are falling behind the rest of the world in education, putting the country’s standing in the world at risk. “That’s what’s at stake. Nothing less than our primacy in the world,” the President told the National Governors Association at the White House today, “I do not accept a United States of America that’s second place.” His solution?  A change to the No Child Left Behind Act, which would make federal funding for lower income students contingent on higher, more uniform academic standards.  The President said that under NCLB, nearly a dozen states lowered their math standards to appear competitive. “That may make those states look better relative to other states, but it’s not going to help our students keep up with their global competitors,” he said.  Title I funding is federal money for the country’s poorest students.  The President’s FY2011 budget includes the administration’s plan to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, integrating the following new policies, according to a statement released by the White House:   “Require all states to adopt and certify that they have college- and career-ready standards in reading and mathematics, which may include common standards developed by a state-led consortium, as a condition of qualifying for Title I funding.  Include new funding priorities for states with college- and career-ready standards in place, as they compete for federal funds to improve teaching and learning and upgrade curriculum in reading and math. This priority applies to the President’s FY2011 budget request for new Effective Teaching and Learning programs in literacy ($450 million) and STEM ($300 million).    Encourage states, schools districts, and other institutions to better align teacher preparation practices and programs to teaching of college and career-ready standards.  This priority supports the President’s FY2011 budget request for a new Teacher and Leaders Pathways program ($405 million). Assist states in implementing assessments aligned with college- and career-ready standards, under a new Assessing Achievement program. The President’s FY2011 budget supports $400 million in state grants under this program. Support the expansion of the Race to the Top, beyond funding in the Recovery Act, to dedicate $1.35 billion in awards to states and school districts that have college- and career-ready standards in place as a condition of funding. Support professional development for teachers, leaders and other school instructional staff to better align instruction to college and career-ready standards.  This supports the President’s FY2011 budget request for the Effective Teacher and Leaders state grant program ($2.5 billion).” “We are tired of arguments between the left and the right, between reformers and teachers unions.  We want to figure out what works, and we want to make sure that we are giving you the support and the resources that you need to implement what works,” the President said. He closed by emphasizing the need for bipartisanship. “We’ve been trusted with the responsibility to lead at a defining moment in our history.  We’ve been tasked not only to see this country through difficult times but to keep the dream of our founding live for the next generation,” he said, “That’s not something to shy away from; it’s something to live up to.  And I intend to work closely with all of you — Democrats and Republicans — to do just that.”

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