Ron Paul supporters are taking over CPAC!

By Matt Loffman

Feb 19, 2010 5:01pm

ABC News' Bret Hovell reports: Libertarian Texas Congressman Ron Paul – who has a large and occasionally rowdy backing throughout the country – was scheduled to speak here at the Conservative Political Action Conference at 4:30
Friday afternoon. Large conferences being what they are, the schedule is running a little behind. But Paul’s mass of supporters started streaming into the hall on time, filling it up to near capacity and marking the biggest crowd of the day. Georgia Congressman Tom Price, scheduled to speak at 3:30, but wrapping up closer to the start of Paul’s scheduled slot, was inadvertently heckled by the crowd – not necessarily for anything he said, but because Paul’s passionate fans felt the need to shout his name several times during Price’s remarks. Shortly thereafter, when a group of young conservative activists were presenting brief remarks, one joked that he knew why such a large crowd had gathered: You’re here to see me, he said. “Ron Paul!” the crowd corrected him, almost in unison. UPDATE: Paul Supporters Making Their Ideology Known One of the things about Ron Paul’s libertarian supporters is that their views don’t always line up with all of the planks in the typical Republican and conservative platform. One of those distinctions played out this afternoon on the issue of gay rights. One of the young conservative activists on the panel before Paul’s scheduled remarks was from the group GOPride, a social networking group for the LBGT community. While the member of GOPride was speaking at the podium, another panelist on the stage starting booing and giving a thumbs down sign. And when it was his turn to speak a few minutes later, he said he
“condemned” CPAC for inviting GOPride. Paul supporters booed, and chanted the Texas congressman’s name. The panelist who criticized GOPride left the stage before he finished his remarks.

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