‘Top Line’ — Does Sarah Palin Have a Political Future?

By Matt Loffman

Feb 11, 2010 4:08pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: The new ABC News/Washington Post poll suggests bleak political prospects for Sarah Palin, with a 55 percent disapproval rating and seven out of 10 respondents saying they don’t think she’s qualified to be president. Those numbers have grown worse in recent months, as she’s taken on a higher public profile with the release of her book and multiple appearances on behalf of candidates and causes. For our question of the day onABC’s "Top Line" day today, we asked our Twitter Followers (@thenote) the same question addressed in the poll: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be president? Plenty of folks pointed out that the Constitution deems her qualified, since she’s more than 35 years old (46 today, actually) and a natural-born citizen. And there were lots of "yes" and "no" answers. We highlighted a politically astute response from @andylancaster: "no. no. no. she is better at and better off doing what she is doing – raising money, energizing base and irritating the WH." On "Top Line," Politico’s Jonathan Martin pointed out that Palin has some significant obstacles to overcome, if she wants to run in 2012. "I think there are a lot of folks in this country that are not on the right, not on the left, that are in the broad middle, that just don’t think she’s ever going to be president. And ultimately I don’t know how you overcome that if you’re a candidate," Martin told us. "What future — or past president, I should say — has had a similar challenge and has overcome it?" Palin may provide the most value to the GOP in her current role, as a pundit, fundraiser and all-around critic of President Obama. Just imagine how sought-after her endorsement would be in the presidential primaries, Martin said. "If you took a poll of GOP insiders of governors, of senators, of congressmen, of lobbyists, of operatives, I would guess a vast majority of them would also urge her to take a similar path," he said. "That’s the role they want her in." Watch the full discussion with Jonathan Martin HERE. Also worth reading today on this topic — taking a different view: Time’s Joe Klein pronounces Palin the odds-on frontrunner for 2012, while David Broder of The Washington Post says he’s impressed with what he’s seen of late from the former Alaska governor.

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