9/11 Families Feel ‘Betrayed’ and Request Meeting with AG Eric Holder

Mar 9, 2010 7:52am

ABC News' Ariane de Vogue reports:

Donna Marsh O’Connor, who lost her pregnant daughter Vanessa on 9/11, wants the Obama administration to stop talks with Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., on how to close Guantanamo Bay and where to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the September 11th attacks. On behalf of her group, Peaceful Tomorrows, comprised of over 200 people who lost a family member on 9/11, O’Connor sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder last night  saying she felt “betrayed” by news reports that the administration might switch course and decide to try KSM in a military commission instead of in civilian court.

“I’m disappointed in the Obama administration,” says O’Connor. “We had an administration with a plan, and then we hear the blow back about a reported bargain with Sen. Lindsay Graham. We need to stop bargaining away the right thing.”

The administration has said repeatedly that no decision has been made regarding where KSM will be tried, but Sen. Graham appeared on CBS over the weekend and confirmed he had been in talks to find a way to get Republican support to close Guantanamo.

“I'm talking to anybody that will listen,” Graham said. He outlined his hope to convince the administration to “get Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the co-conspirators of 9/11 back in the military commission." In turn, Graham said he might be able to get more Republican support of President Obama’s plan to “start a new prison” in Illinois.

O’Connor is having none of it. Of the president she says, “I believed he thought going into this job that he knew the right way to restore the rule of law. We were hoping that we wouldn’t have to work so hard to get the people who espoused the very things we are hoping for to stop buckling under political pressure.”

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