Anatomy of a Twitter Trend: #RepealIt vs. #NotOneSingle

By Jonathan Blakely

Mar 22, 2010 6:31pm

ABC News’ Jonathan Blakely reports:

Though the legislative battle over health care effectively ended with last night’s historic House vote, the fight continues on Twitter, where politicians and the politically inclined are firing off dispatches at 140 characters per shot.

And some of the more popular hashtags provide an interesting window into the field of wired communications, and the current political climate.

Search for the trending topic ‘#RepealIt’ (Repeal It), and you’ll find tweets in support of Senator Jim DeMint, R-S.C., and his call-to-arms for all those still in fervent opposition to the sweeping reform. 

“This bill is unconstitutional and it cannot be fixed. It must be repealed,” DeMint tweeted from his official page. “Sign the pledge to only support candidates that vow to repeal ObamaCare.”

That pledge, launched by The Senate Conservatives Fund (chaired by DeMint), is one of the latest attempts by Republicans to roll back the bill. It currently has over 28,000 signatures.

And politicians aren’t the only ones generating political trends. Just after the health care bill passed, popular blogger Dorothy Snarker tweeted from her page: “ I hope all 32 million people who now get health care remember that NOT ONE SINGLE REPUBLICAN voted for it.” Shortly thereafter, Washington based GQ correspondent and blogger Ana Marie Cox retweeted that message to her nearly 1.5 million followers.  The result was that the phrase “NOT ONE SINGLE” was a top trending topic for over an hour, with users voicing their dissatisfaction with the fact that no Republicans came out in support of the bill. That same topic is still being tweeted about across the country.   

The most popular health care related trending topic continues to be, simply: #HCR (Health Care Reform). Users have been updating their Twitter pages constantly throughout the day both praising and condemning lawmakers in Washington for what they accomplished last night.

-Jonathan Blakely

UPDATE: Linking to the #RepealIt trending topic on his Twitter page, Sen. David Vitter, R-La, just offered a link to his website allowing users to sign a co-sponsor form for repealing ‘ObamaCare’.   

ABC News’ Rick Klein contributed to this report.

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