Campaign Redux? Obama vs. His “Opponents”

Mar 10, 2010 6:18pm

From Sunlen Miller: Mr. Obama’s sleeves were rolled up, there was an old campaign sign in the audience, and he’s talking about his “opponents.” No, this is not a flashback of the presidential campaign, but it does feel awfully similar. While campaigning for his health care bill, President Obama has summoned up some imagery and words that has often been left on the campaign trail.  Today on the health care stump in Missouri it was Obama versus opponents. Twice today during the president’s health care speech in St. Charles, Missouri the president referred specifically to his “opponents.” “I know that during the health-care debate opponents have tried to scare people, especially our seniors, into thinking that we are going after seniors' Medicare benefits — that's how Obama's going  to pay for his plan. When you look at the facts, that's just plain wrong.” And later,  more talk about opponents. “….if you talk to my opponents, they'll  agree.  They'll say, ‘You're right.  The health-care system's broken. For too many people, it's getting worse."’ They will — they will    acknowledge that the status quo is unsustainable. But you know what they tell me?  We had that big health-care summit. ….but you heard — you heard what they said.  They said, ‘Well, we agree with you.  The current system's unsustainable, but  this is just not the right time to do it.’” Today’s event just outside of St. Louis follows a similar event on Monday in Pennsylvania. The president is expected to add more health care events to his schedule between now and his expected departure date of March 18th for his trip abroad. -Sunlen Miller

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