EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Biden Opens Up About the Best and Worst Parts of His Job

By Lindsey Ellerson

Mar 18, 2010 5:45pm

Vice President Biden was candid today in his assessment of what he considers the best and worst parts of his current job.

From our interview:

TAPPER:  What's the best part of this job and what's the worst part?

BIDEN:  I think the best part of the job is not having to be reactive, be able to be proactive.  For 36 years as a senator, all you get to do is react actually.  And as vice president, the president did give me some significant responsibility.  And the thing I love about him is he says, "Joe, do it," and he never comes back and looks over my shoulder.   Just do it, whether it's Iraq or Recovery Act or the Middle-Class Task Force.  And you know it's — you're able to be proactive.  That's the best part of the job.

TAPPER:  Worst part?

BIDEN:  The worst part of the job, I think, is — and I love them – is the Secret Service.  They're great.  Now, I mean sincerely.  But you know, I've never been in a place before where, you know, when I'm going to go out, I give notice I'm going to go to the hardware store now. Literally.  Or, you know, I just feel like, when I go around in Washington — I now live in Washington.  My kids live, all of my children, three grandchildren live a mile and a half away.  I just feel like getting a bike and riding out there.  But you know, it's a big deal, you know, to do it.  That — that's kind of the — kind of a cocoon.  But they're wonderful people.  But it's like, I wish I could just — just walk outside the fence.

For a full read-out of our conversation click HERE.


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