The Note’s Must-Reads for Tuesday, March 9, 2010

By Jayson

Mar 9, 2010 4:04am

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ABC News’ Mathew Mosk: “Was Obama Economic Advisor’s Exit a Preemptive Strike?” LINK

The New York Times’ Kenneth Chang: “Obama Plans Florida Forum to Discuss NASA’s Future” LINK

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe: “Obama nominates Robert A. Harding to lead TSA” LINK

The Washington Times’ Joseph Curl: “Poll: U.S. has lost global standing under Obama” LINK

USA Today’s The Oval: “Obama’s Surgeon General wants ‘positive’ talks about good health” LINK

USA Today’s The Oval: “The Obamas honor International Women’s Day, and tell a few jokes” LINK

Time’s Massimo Calabresi: “Can Lindsey Graham Help the White House Reach a Deal on 9/11 Trials?” LINK

Politics Daily’s David Corn: “Who’s the Leading Man? It Ain’t Rahm or Ax.” LINK

Politico’s Kasie Hunt: “Poll: Obama loses on interrogation” LINK


ABC News’ Kristina Wong: “Afghanistan War Strategy Facing Serious Setbacks” LINK

ABC News’ Huma Khan: “U.S. Officials: U.S. on Schedule to Draw Down Troops in Iraq by August” LINK

The New York Times’ Ethan Bronner: “Biden Visits Mideast to Push Peace Talks” LINK

The Los Angeles Times’ Ned Parker and Raheem Salman: “Iraqi voter turnout estimated at 62%” LINK

USA Today’s Aamer Madhani: “U.S. set for Iraq pullout following elections” LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Charles Levinson: “Iraqi Vote Sustains U.S. Plans” LINK

Bloomberg’s Kadhim Ajrash, Caroline Alexander and Daniel Williams: “Iraqi Vote Results to Be Released as Coalition Haggling Looms” LINK

Bloomberg’s Viola Gienger: “McChrystal, Afghans Set Sights on Kandahar for Next Offensive” LINK

Bloomberg’s Nicholas Johnston: “Obama Can Offer Little in Talks With Papandreou on Debt Crisis” LINK

Bloomberg’s Jonathan Ferziger and Gwen Ackerman: “Biden Starts Mideast Trip as Indirect Talks Agreed Amid Quarrel” LINK

Politico’s Laura Rozen: “New talks may be Mitchell’s moment” LINK

Politics Daily’s Delia Lloyd: “Will the War in Iraq Ever Go Away?” LINK


ABC News’ Karen Travers: “Obama Rallies Support for Health Care Reform by Pointing Finger at Insurance Companies” LINK

The New York Times’ Helene Cooper and David Herszenhorn: “Obama Turns Up the Volume in Health Care Bid” LINK

The New York Times’ Robert Pear: “State Insurance Experts See Flaw in Obama’s Plan to Curb Health Premiums” LINK

The Washington Post’s Amy Goldstein and Scott Wilson: “Obama launches attack on health insurance companies” LINK

The Washington Post’s Paul Kane: “Former congressman Massa says Democrats set him up over health care” LINK

The Los Angeles Times’ Peter Nicholas: “Obama adds fire to healthcare debate” LINK

USA Today’s Richard Wolf: “Obama takes hard-sell health pitch to Pa.” LINK

The Boston Herald’s Hillary Chabot: “Mitt Romney dogged by health care” LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Peter Loftus and Henry J. Pulizzi: “Obama Makes Health-Care Pitch” LINK

Bloomberg’s Kristin Jensen and Alex Nussbaum: “Obama Criticizes Insurers in Bid to Sway Public on Health Plan” LINK

Newsweek’s Daniel Stone: “Will Health Care Really Come Down to One Vote?” LINK

The Hill’s Alexander Bolton: “Dem plan to pair health reform, student lending complicates vote” LINK

Politics Daily’s David Sessions: “Obama to Name Retired Army Gen. Robert Harding as Head of TSA” LINK


The Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan: “Reid’s gaffe undercuts momentum” LINK

The New York Daily News’ Nancy Dillon: “Staunch anti-gay GOP state senator Roy Ashburn finally admits he’s homosexual” LINK

The Hill’s Jordy Yager and Aaron Blake: “Massa blasts Democrats, Emanuel; talks about New Year’s Eve incident” LINK


The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Howard Saul: “New York GOP Courts a Candidate From the Enemy Camp” LINK

Politico’s Andy Barr: “Packard: Fiorina almost destroyed HP” LINK

Politico: “Critz wins Dem nomination for Murtha seat” LINK


USA Today’s Matt Kelley: “Short-staffed agency overseeing high-speed-rail effort draws fire” LINK

Boston Globe’s Matt Viser: “Kerry, Brown on same page on jobs amendment” LINK

Politics Daily’s Christopher Weber: “New Foreclosures Plan Will Pay Homeowners to Sell” LINK


The Associated Press’ Robert Burns: “Petraeus for president?’No’ is his handy answer” LINK

Politics Daily’s Carl M. Cannon: “Six Reasons Barack Obama is Still the Odds-on Favorite in 2012″ LINK


The Washington Post’s N.C. Aizenman and Spencer S. Hsu: “Immigrants rights group slam Obama, Democrats for slow action with legalization bill” LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Laura Meckler: “ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan” LINK


The Los Angeles Times’ Tom Hamburger: “U.S. Chamber of Commerce grows into a political force” LINK

USA Today’s Haya El Nasser: “Study details aid based on Census” LINK

USA Today’s Alan Levin: ” NTSB: Pilots need air-hazard skills” LINK

USA Today’s William M. Welchand Donna Leinwand: “Slowly, states are lessening limits on marijuana” LINK

USA Today’s Gregg Zoroya: “VA to automate its Agent Orange claims process” LINK

The Boston Globe’s Alex Beam: “The Romney-Reagan remix” LINK

Politics Daily’s Christopher Weber: “Sin Tax on Sodas? NYC Mayor Says It Would Be Good for State” LINK


“Obama’s Closing Argument on Health Care” LINK

“Obama Celebrates Int’l Women’s Day” LINK

“Iraqis Vote in Record Numbers” LINK

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