President Obama Offers the Russians Rahm to Help Lobby the Duma on Nuke Treaty

By Matt Loffman

Mar 26, 2010 12:47pm

Discussing the need for both the US Senate and the Russian Duma to ratify the nuclear disarmament treaty Presidents Obama and Medvedev agree to earlier today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the US has offered the Russians some special help.

“Just as we have to go to our Congress, President Medvedev has to go to the Duma,” Clinton said. “And I think President Obama has said that he would, you know, send Rahm Emanuel to Moscow.”

With reporters laughing at Clinton’s joke about sending the famously acid-tongued White House chief of staff to Moscow, Clinton added, “and we all immediately endorsed that offer. If President Medvedev wants to take us up on it, we’re ready.”

Before he left journalism to become the communications director for Vice President Biden, former TIME magazine bureau chief Jay Carney wrote about the Emanuel-Clinton relationship: “Emanuel started out with Clinton in the 1992 campaign as a fundraiser. He was relentless and successful. By January 1993, he’d moved up the ladder in Clinton’s world to the point at which he was named White House political director. In that job, he offended enough people — in particular Hillary Clinton — that he was demoted and almost fired. But he stuck around, worked hard and ended up being the primary force behind some of the biggest legislative successes of Clinton’s presidency: the North American Free Trade Agreement, the so-called crime bill and welfare reform.”


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