Scott Brown: Senate Wheels ‘Moving Somewhat’ Since Coming to Office

By Matt Loffman

Mar 16, 2010 10:45am

ABC News’ Aaron Katersky and Rick Klein report: Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., has already irked some conservative commentators and activists with his independent streak, particularly with his votes to break Republican-led filibusters of Democratic-authored jobs bills.

But Brown told ABC News Radio today that the criticism doesn’t bother him. Just six weeks into his Senate career, he said, he feels as if the “wheels” of the Senate are “moving somewhat” in part thanks to his efforts.

“I’ve always said I’m a Scott Brown Republican. I’m going to look at each bill on its merits. I don’t care where it comes from,” he said. “I said that I was going to come down here and try to fix Washington and get the wheels moving again, and I think they are moving somewhat. I think I’m probably 50-50 in voting for cloture and not.”

He indicated that he feels as if he has more leverage now — as the 41st Republican senator and therefore a critical vote in sustaining a filibuster — than he might next year, when Republicans are expected to add new members to their caucus.

“For nine months until the next election I think I have the ability to work across party lines and just try to solve problems,” Brown said. “When the numbers change a little bit more, who knows? But for now my goal was to come up here and be the best senator I can be.”

“My definition of a Scott Brown Republican is somebody who doesn’t owe anybody anything,” he added. “A lot of these people [criticizing his votes] didn’t help me in my race; people throughout the country helped me, and people in my home state helped me in a bipartisan manner — to be independent and not worry about the ramifications. If I make a mistake I’ll step up and answer for it. If I do well and make a change here and get the wheels moving, that’s even better.”

Brown — like President Obama — is a committed basketball fan and player, but he said he couldn’t remember his Final Four picks.

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