‘Top Line’ — Can Obama Get Republican Support on Energy?

Mar 31, 2010 4:39pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: President Obama’s announcement today of a significant expansion in oil and gas exploration was widely interpreted as an attempt to get at least some Republican support for broader energy proposals that have stalled in Congress. But some Democrats feel like they’ve seen this play out before — most notably on health care, where they saw the president alter his proposals to get GOP support that never materialized. Our “Top Line” question of the day today: “Should Obama be seeking bipartisanship on issues like energy? Or will GOP leave him at end of the day regardless?” Said @gercart: “yes genuine he [doesn't] want deadlock for the next three year’s…” @Darth_Glen_Beck: “No reason to stoop to the #GOP level, #Obama should [continue] to try to include them in Government, if they all say ‘Nay’ oh well.” We chatted about it with Ana Marie Cox of GQ: “It is always good to show them saying nay,” she said. “They do look like they’re pouting, kind of, post-health care. And I personally think that the way they’re treating the healthcare debate, about taking their toys and going home. And probably treating this the same way is going to help Democrats. I mean, that’s the move, that probably is the real genesis of this.” And, as Cox predicted, Sarah Palin has weighed in via Twitter, calling it an attempt to “cram thru job-killing, energy-depleting, burdensome Cap & Tax scheme,” and repeated the mantra: “drill, baby, drill.” Watch the full discussion with Ana Marie Cox HERE.

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