‘Top Line’ — Does GOP Want Health Care to Pass?

By Jonathan Blakely

Mar 15, 2010 4:02pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Regardless of what happens this week with the health care bill, the politics seem fairly set: Democrats are prepared to defend health care reform as a critical series of advancements and protections, and Republicans are set to attack the Democrats’ proposals as the wrong direction for the country. But — purely on the politics — do Republicans want health care to pass? Would they rather have a law to run against — or run against the ideas behind that law, plus the image of Democratic leadership failures? That was our “Top Line” question of the day today. The answers, as usual, spanned the spectrum. Wrote @profsteed:: “Clearly GOP believes itself better off if #hcr is stopped – otherwise oppo would not be so intense and sustained.” And this from @cmcabo97: ”Better for GOP if no bill passes. If the bill passes and the sky doesn't fall, GOP will be punished for being The Party of No.” On ABC’s “Top Line” today, Republican strategist Karl Rove said Republicans would be better off with a Democrat-passed bill signed into law: “I’d like to see the bill defeated. But that in a way is the most dangerous thing for the Republicans because the Democrats, if they were smart, if they were not able to get this monstrosity through, they would step back,” Rove said. Politico’s Glenn Thrush had a different take: “Contrary to Karl Rove’s path of destruction, I think the path of destruction is nothing passing, because the Democrats have had this historic super-majority in the Senate. And to get nothing done is just a denunciation.” Watch the “Top Line” segment HERE.

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