VP Biden: Not in the Presidential Dog House for His Salty Language at Bill Signing

Mar 25, 2010 7:04am

ABC News’ Karen Travers reports:

It looks like Vice President Biden is not sharing a dog house with Bo Obama after the colorful comment he made at yesterday’s health care reform bill signing.

At a DNC fundraiser tonight in Baltimore, Biden told the audience of donors that at this morning’s presidential briefing, Obama said the best thing yesterday was the vice president’s comment that signing health care reform legislation was a “big f—ing deal.”

“’You know what the best thing about yesterday was? Joe’s comment,’” Biden recounted the president saying at the meeting.

Biden told the crowd that he told Obama, “If you thought it was so good, why didn’t you say it?”

Acknowledging that it was a “faux pas,” Biden said that all he could think after he learned that his salty language had been picked up by the microphone was “Thank God my mom’s not…”

The rest of his comment was drowned out by laughter from the fundraiser crowd, but Biden presumably was referencing the fact that his notoriously feisty mother passed away in January and did not have to hear the f-bomb come out of her son’s mouth at the White House.

Biden said that Obama told him that he attempted to have a t-shirt made with the vice president’s remark displayed on it, but he couldn’t get it in time.

The president must not have seen this site that beat him to the punch: http://www.zazzle.com/hcr_big_fing_deal_tshirt-235071564353624757

-Karen Travers

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