Filibuster Redo: Dems Schedule Another Wall Street Reform Vote

Apr 27, 2010 11:17am

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports: Another day, another Wall Street reform filibuster vote. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid castigated Republicans Tuesday morning for filibustering Democrats' Wall Street reform bill and scheduled another cloture motion on the same measure for 4:30 p.m. That's eleven and a half hours after Republicans successfully blocked it the first time. “Why are you afraid?” Reid asked Republicans in a speech on the Senate floor. “What are you afraid of? All we want to do is move to the bill… they still have their 60 votes — they can stop us from getting 60 votes. There's 41 of them. Why in the world can't we go to the floor and debate this bill?” But short of some change among the closed-door negotiations between Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., who chairs the Senate Banking Committee, and Sen. Richard Shelby, the top Republican, it is hard to foresee a different result than yesterday, when 40 Republicans and Democrat Ben Nelson, D-Neb., voted to filibuster the reform bill. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell answered Reid, calling Democrats bill “not ready for prime time.” McConnell pointed to media reports on American corporations worried about the effects of the Wall Street reform bill. He cited a New York Times report that showcased Mars Inc, Harley Davidson and Ebay. “I mean, does anyone really believe that the people who make Harley Davidsons and Snickers bars caused the financial crisis? Does anyone think that?” McConnell asked. “Then why would we want to punish them in our effort to hold Wall Street accountable? These are just the kinds of unintended consequences you get from rushing legislation,” he said, vowing to sustain the filibuster again today.

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