Is Bipartisanship Dead? John McCain Says ‘Yes’

Apr 30, 2010 12:07pm

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf reports:  The man who has, during his career, worked across the aisle with Democrats on everything from campaign finance reform to immigration reform to climate change legislation, says that bipartisanship, “for all intents and purposes,” is dead in this Congress. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz, made the comments in answer to a question from the conservative Newsmax website. Video is posted here. The bit on bipartisanship hits at 2:20. “Is bipartisanship now dead in this Congress?” asks Newsmax editor Christopher Ruddy, who at the beginning of the interview clarifies that he is a real admirer of McCain’s. “I would say that’s largely so,” said McCain. “There are certain areas where we can work together.” He points specifically to the defense authorization. “But to all intents and purposes, yes,” McCain adds. More: “The fact is, this administration came to power with 60 votes in the Senate, an overwhelmingly majority in the House of Representatives, and they decided that they would ram through legislation — the stimulus package, omnibus appropriations bills, healthcare. So there’s never been any genuine outreach on the part of this administration to work in a bipartisan fashion. I’ve been involved in bipartisanship, and it’s not there. And it’s compounded by the fundamental fact that Americans are a right of center nation and this administration is governing from the left.” McCain also defends Arizona’s tough new immigration law. He says police in Arizona will train their officers not to racially profile.

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