The Note’s Must-Reads for Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apr 28, 2010 4:51am

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ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, Alice Gomstyn, and Mathew Jaffe: “Sen. Levin Calls Goldman Sachs Allegations ‘Deeply Troubling’” LINK

USA Today’s The Oval: “Obama: Economy is coming back, but is not all the way back” LINK

USA Today’s The Oval: “Senate Dems Fail Again to Start Debate on Financial Reform” LINK

Time’s Jay Newton-Small: “Capping Career, Dodd Relishes Fight For Financial Reform” LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s John D. Mckinnon and Susanne Craig: “Goldman Is Bruised, Defiant In Senate” LINK

Bloomberg’s Lisa Lerer: “Republicans Block Finance Bill Debate, Cite Gain in Saying ‘No’” LINK

Bloomberg’s Christine Harper and Michael J. Moore: “Goldman Sachs Emerges From Senate Showdown Ahead $549 Million” LINK

The New York Times’ Carl Hulse: “Democrats Use Goldman to Push Bank Overhaul” LINK

The Washington Post’s Zachary Goldfarb: “Goldman Sachs executives face senators investigating role in financial crisis” LINK

The Washington Post’s Brady Dennis and Paul Kane: “Republican senators again block vote on financial regulation” LINK

The Washington Post’s Lori Montgomery: “As deficit commission meets, Obama doesn’t rule out new taxes” LINK

The Hill’s Jay Heflin: “Senators grill Goldman Sachs as execs deflect blame” LINK

The Hill’s Walter Alarkon: “Panel urges fiscal overhaul” LINK

The New York Daily News’ Joanna Molloy: “‘Fabulous Fab’ Goldman Sachs exec Fabrice Tourre, Wall Street sext king, is a nervous weenie” LINK

The New York Daily News’ Kenneth R. Bazinet and Michael Mcauliff: “‘Senate Republicans block Wall Street financial reform for second straight day” LINK


ABC News’ Karen Travers and Sunlen Miller: “President Obama Hits Main Street as Capitol Hill Targets Wall Street” LINK

ABC News’ Rick Klein: “EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Sessions: President Obama Wants Judges to ‘Promote Agenda’” LINK

USA Today’s Mimi Hall: “Record number seek president’s clemency” LINK

USA Today’s Mimi Hall: “Convict petitions Obama to reduce crack penalty” LINK

USA Today’s The Oval: “Obama talks immigration, deficits at Iowa town hall” LINK

USA Today’s The Oval: “White House leaning toward energy over immigration?” LINK

Politics Daily’s Graydon Gordian: “Guantanamo Detainee Faces Trial in First Obama-Era Military Tribunal” LINK

Politico’s Ben Smith: “RNC: Obama playing on ‘class warfare and race’” LINK

The New York Times’ Helene Cooper and Jeff Zeleny: “In Greeting Iowa Voters, Obama Focuses on Finances” LINK

The Washington Post’s Scott Wilson: “Obama visits rural Midwest to launch midterm election efforts” LINK


ABC News’ Claire Shipman, Devin Dwyer, and Huma Khan: “Arizona Immigration Law: Outcry Continues Over Controversial Bill” LINK

USA Today’s Kevin Johnson: “Mexico issues travel alert over new Ariz. immigration law” LINK

Politics Daily’s Christopher Weber: “Mexico Issues Warning to Citizens Over Travel to Arizona” LINK

Politics Daily’s Tom Diemer: “Immigration Reform: First Secure Border, Says Sen. Lindsey Graham” LINK

Politics Daily’s Bruce Drake: “Arizona Immigration Law Likely to Factor into Governor’s Race” LINK

The New York Times’ Adam Nagourney: “For 2 Parties, Immigration Poses Complex Test” LINK

The Washington Post’s Spencer Hsu: “Sen. Graham says border security is a priority” LINK


Time’s Vivienne Walt: “Is Iran Running Out of Uranium?” LINK

Time’s Dimitri Simes: “Is Obama Overselling His Russia Arms Control Deal?” LINK

The Washington Post’s Ernesto Londono: “Clinton urges Iraq to ‘speedily’ form government” LINK

The New York Times’ Mark Mazzetti: “U.S. Begins Inquiry on Spy Network in Pakistan” LINK

The New York Times’ Peter Baker and Rod Nordland: “Obama Sticks to a Deadline in Iraq” LINK

The Los Angeles Times’ Staff: “Afghanistan denies police role in killing of U.N. staffers” LINK


Politics Daily’s Jill Lawrence: “Arlen Specter, New Democrat: How Do You Catch a Cloud and Pin It Down?” LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Neil King Jr. and Greg Hitt: “GOP Pins Comeback Hopes On Recapturing Suburbs” LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan Weisman and Peter Wallsten: “Democrats Take New Tack to Rally Base” LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Douglas Belkin: “The Daley Show Still Tops in Chicago” LINK


ABC News: “Senate Demands Mine Safety Enforcement” LINK

USA Today’s On Politics: “Candidate: Want to live in Alabama? Learn English” LINK

USA Today’s On Politics: “Congress votes to freeze its own pay” LINK

USA Today’s On Politics: “Senators to Facebook: Quit sharing users’ info” LINK

Politics Daily’s Christopher Weber: “Senators Push for More Privacy on Facebook” LINK

Politico’s Jake Sherman: “House votes down pay hike” LINK

The Hill’s Jordy Yager: “House votes down automatic pay raise” LINK


The Hill’s Jim Snyder: “Former Massey worker says he quit because of ‘poor’ conditions in mine” LINK

USA Today’s Thomas Frank: “Federal mine safety chief threatens closures” LINK

Politics Daily’s Tom Diemer: “Mine Safety Violations: Government Will Go Directly to Federal Court” LINK

The Boston Globe’s Matt Viser and Susan Milligan: “Kerry to move ahead on climate change bill” LINK

Politico’s Jeanne Cummings and Kasie Hunt and Meredith Shiner: “Reid rejects energy bill compromise” LINK

The New York Times’ John Broder: “Oil Rig Blast Complicates Push for Energy and Climate Bill” LINK


USA Today’s Donna Leinwand: “Congress weighs risks, benefits of killer whale and dolphin shows” LINK

The Washington Post’s Craig Whitlock: “Obama administration defies congressional subpoena on Fort Hood documents” LINK

The Associated Press: “Pentagon balks at providing Fort Hood files” LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Anna Wilde Mathews: “Oklahoma Passes Two Laws Intended to Curb Abortions” LINK

The New York Times’ Damien Cave: “Celebrating U.S. Future in Space, Hopefully” LINK

The Washington Post’s Ylan Mui: “ is being redesigned to promote interaction” LINK


“Obama on GOP Filibuster: ‘That’s Not Right!’” LINK

“GOP Candidate: I Would Have Filibustered Sotomayor” LINK

“Congress vs. Goldman Sachs” LINK

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