Palin Breaks Out the Palm at Bachmann Rally: ‘Kicking it Old-School’

By Matt Loffman

Apr 7, 2010 4:44pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Those notes on Sarah Palin’s palm have become a political punch line — including, now, for Palin herself. Campaigning today for Rep. Michele Bachmann in Minneapolis, Palin marveled at the fact that Bachmann, R-Minn., has fostered 23 children. She said she Googled that fact and thought so much of it that she inked it on her left palm. “That was palm-worthy — I had to write that one on my hand,” the former Alaska governor said. Then, she offered a gibe at President Obama as she showed off the notes: “This is the poor man’s version of a teleprompter — we’re still kicking it old-school.” Palin’s appearance was sprinkled with glowing references to the Tea Party movement — “Tea Party Americans” — and to Minnesotans — “you all sound just like me — or I sound just like you, vice versa.” And she had a few less-flattering references to Obama. “Some of you proudly cling to your guns and religion,” Palin told the crowd.

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