The ‘Right Angle’ to Defeat Harry Reid?

By Matt Loffman

Apr 15, 2010 2:13pm

ABC News’ Teddy Davis and Matt Loffman report:

A Tea Party-backed Republican who is running for the US Senate against Harry Reid in Nevada made a shoot 'em up debut in Washington on Thursday.

“You know, I feel a little lonely today,” said Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle. “I usually bring Smith and Wesson along, and I have to tell you, I’m going to give Washington, DC, a lesson in the Constitution — especially the 2nd Amendment.”

“But I didn’t come alone today,” she continued. “I brought God – always bring Him, and I brought my husband of 40 years, Ted Angle.”

Angle made her remarks at a National Press Club event sponsored by the Tea Party Express PAC. Rather than speak from behind a podium on the dais, Angle took the microphone and, in a move reminiscent of Elizabeth Dole’s performance at the 1996 Republican National Convention, walked closer to her audience. 

When Angle spoke, the group had just announced that she was their preferred Republican in a multi-candidate GOP field which includes Sue Lowden, a former chair of the Nevada Republican Party who is the preferred candidate of GOP officials in Washington, Danny Tarkanian, the son of the legendary UNLV basketball coach, and John Chachas, a wealthy businessman.

Angle pledged to protect Social Security and Medicare which she described as a “contract with our senior citizens.” But beyond that, she said “anything goes. Let’s cut and let’s cut deep.”  In particular, she would like a 5 percent cut in non-Social Security and non-Medicare spending over each of the next five years.

While discussing where she wants to cut, Angle took a swipe not only at President Obama’s “czars” but also at education legislation championed by former President Bush.

“We can start with things like the Department of Education that gave us one-size-fits-all that fits no one with No Child Left Behind,” said Angle.  “We can also start with a few unconstitutional czars.  You know, our president can have friends, but I don’t have to pay for them.  So we have cuts that we can make, and we should make those cuts.”

Towards the end of her speech, Angle played on her name to present herself as the right choice to take on Reid.

“We have the right contract with America, and Newt, it’s the Constitution,” said Angle. “That’s the right contract with America.  We have the right message, and that is lower taxes, less government regulation, more individual freedom and stop the spending.  We have the right Angle to defeat Harry Reid.” 

Angle closed her speech with a national fundraising appeal.

“I want to tell you, you might not be able to vote for Harry Reid, but he votes for you,” said Angle. “If you can’t vote for Harry Reid, but you want to help Nevada get rid of Harry Reid, send money.  He said he needs $25 million to defeat me.  I need 1 million conservatives to send $25.  Send money.”

A spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee did not respond to a request for comment.

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