Today’s Q’s for O’s WH

By Matt Loffman

Apr 26, 2010 4:01pm

From Yunji de Nies:

This morning Jake Tapper reported on the controversy surrounding a joke National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones (Ret.) told last week at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy about a "Jewish merchant." We followed up on this during Robert Gibbs' daily briefing:

DE NIES: Robert, two questions on the General Jones joke and the apology now.  Does the White House have a problem with what he had  said? And did the White House urge him to apologize?

GIBBS:  I think – Yunji, I think the apology rightly speaks for itself.

DE NIES: Let me ask you this:  Why was the — why was — why were his remarks omitted from the official transcription?  Usually you guys include everything.

GIBBS:  Well, we — this obviously was not a presidential event.  There was no attempt — it was an — obviously an on-camera speech.  There was no attempt to deceive.  There's not a stenographer at most nonpresidential events.  So I think the remarks that were put out were put out as the text of the speech was to be delivered.

DE NIES: But there's no purpose for its omission?

GIBBS:  No.   

-Yunji de Nies  

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