What’s Up with Obama and Palin Getting All ‘Wee-Wee’d’ Up?

By Matt Loffman

Apr 8, 2010 9:56am

ABC News’ Teddy Davis reports: President Obama and Sarah Palin are at loggerheads on almost everything. There is, however, one thing that they share in common: it's a certain fondness for the phrase "wee-wee'd up." President Obama was the first to latch onto it. Back on August 20, 2009, when pundits began declaring that the president’s health-reform package was in major trouble, Obama said: “There is something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee wee’d up.” Watch it HERE. As soon as the President uttered the phrase, reporters began scratching their heads.  On Twitter, The Hill's Sam Youngman asked: "WTF does wee-weed up mean and how do you spell it?" White House press secretary Robert Gibbs eventually explained the “wee-wee’d” phrase by saying that “bedwetting would probably be the more consumer-friendly term for it.” Now it’s Palin who is talking about pundits getting all “wee-wee’d up.” While appearing with Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program on Wednesday evening, Palin warned that Obama is moving the U.S. closer and closer to insolvency and socialism. Palin then predicted that the press – whom she regularly refers to as the "lame stream media" – would get "wee wee’d up" about her warnings. "When we talk like this: you know that the lame stream media will get wee wee’d up like this, their heads will spin, and they will tell people that we are fear mongers and that we are exaggerating the state of the union," said Palin. "And yet, this is reality, we cannot keep going down the path were going down." Watch Palin and Bachmann on Hannity’s show HERE. ABC News’ Matt Loffman contributed to this report.

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