BP: ‘We failed to wrestle the beast to the ground’

By Katie Cline

May 30, 2010 8:59am

BP’s Managing Director Bob Dudley told me the company’s main focus is to contain the massive oil leak  in the Gulf, after “top kill” efforts were terminated yesterday. 

“The relief well at the end of August is certainly the end point in this game,” Dudley said during my “This Week” interview.    The next best option until that well can be completed is to contain the oil with a cap and  “minimize the oil and pollution going into the Gulf,” Dudley added.  The BP executive admitted his company had “failed to wrestle the beast to the ground yesterday.”

The New York Times reported that there were concerns with the Deepwater Horizon rig in March as BP dealt with a loss of “well control”.  When I asked Dudley why it wouldn’t be standard operating procedure to stop operations Dudley said in fact in can be but “A contractor drills the well, is responsible for some of those items.  We're not going to point fingers, and I'm sure there was a lot of discussion around it out there, but that is what the marine board investigation will pull apart step by step.

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