Is Secretary Salazar Trying to Shift the Blame on the Gulf Oil Spill?

By Kevin Chupka

May 20, 2010 9:44am

I pressed the Secretary this morning on GMA for information on his department’s possible lack of oversight of oil companies


George: You gave BP and other oil companies permits without getting the proper clearances, you failed to conduct four monthly inspections of the rig over the last year, approved dozens of projects  without the right permits are these failures your responsibility?  You were secretary at the time.


Salazar: …The fact of it is there’s responsibility to go around from the companies to congress, to the executive branch…it’s congress that has had that law in place for a number of years and so congress has the responsibility to step up and also to reform the laws of this country relative to the requirements of the development of energy on the outer continental shelf .


George: It sounds like you’re shifting the blame back.  This all happened on your watch.


Salazar: George I’m not shifting blame.  I’m saying we have responsibility here in the Department of the Interior, we have been on a reform agenda from day one.


I also asked the Secretary for just how much oil is spilling into the Gulf, a question he and everyone involved have continued to leave unanswered.


Salazar: The efforts have been focused on bringing the spill under control and that essentially means killing the well sand so everything we have is being thrown at that particular problem.  We will have good numbers for the American people and everybody else and they will be independent from BP.


George: When?


Salazar: It’s a matter of days to complete satellite imagery and to make sure we have good numbers.


See the interview here:

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