Robert Gibbs and the Mystery of the Rodent in the Rose Garden

By Gregory

May 21, 2010 5:53pm

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said today that it was clear to him what type of rodent appeared near President Obama in the Rose Garden yesterday: “where I’m from, it’s a rat,” he said.

(For more on the rodent, read the blog post by Ann Compton and Sunlen Miller yesterday.)

Gibbs scoffed at the suggestion from Reggie Love, President Obama’s special assistant and personal aide, that the creature was a “field mouse.”

When asked if the rodent might have been a vole, Gibbs admitted he had never heard of a vole.
Shortly after the briefing he tweeted a link to the Wikipedia entry for voles, writing, “Latest possible explanation for the animal in the Rose Garden yesterday – discuss amongst yourselves.”

When one of Gibbs’ followers, @rfordice, suggested that the White House press secretary “needs to learn more about voles. And shrub girdling (something that voles do),” Gibbs responded: “Tell me more!”
@rfordice did, providing a link to a page about voles and “wildlife damage notes” from Gibbs’ alma mater, North Carolina State University.

-Jake Tapper


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