Cornyn and Kerry on Senate Candidates Misremembering Military Records

By Evan Harris

Jun 6, 2010 12:13pm

Senator John Cornyn downplayed the controversy over misstatements made by Illinois Senate Candidate Mark Kirk about his military record.  Cornyn, who is chairs the Senate Republican campaign committee told me in my “This Week” interview, “There are a lot of other very important issues in the Illinois race, and we do expect Mark Kirk to be the next United States senator from Illinois in the seat formerly held by Barack Obama.” 

Cornyn, didn’t however, miss the opportunity to point out how a similar issue that is causing problems for Connecticut Senate Democratic candidate Richard Blumenthal.  “I think the problem with Mr. Blumenthal was that when he misrepresented his service in Vietnam, he had a press conference shortly thereafter and said that he had misspoken.  You know, that's like shooting yourself in one foot and reloading and shooting yourself in the other foot,” Cornyn said.  Blumenthal served in the Marine Corps but never served in Vietnam, as he had claimed on more than one occasion.

Senator John Kerry, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, told me he thinks it is time to move on and “the electorate in both states will make their own judgments.”  Kerry added that Democratic candidate for the Illinois Senate seat, Alexi Giannoulias, will prevail in the November election and called Blumenthal a “terrific attorney general.”

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