FreedomWorks President: Angle ‘Most Credible’ Candidate in Nevada

Jun 7, 2010 2:14pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Brushing aside concerns about the tea party movement hurting Republican chances in the general election, the president of the conservative group FreedomWorks said today that Sharron Angle gives Republicans a stronger chance in Nevada to take on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. “I have the opposite view, to be honest with you. I think Sharon Angle is the most credible on fiscal issues — the issues that most motivate not just the Republican base, but the very center of the American electorate today,” Matt Kibbe, the president of FreedomWorks, said on ABC/Washington Post “Top Line” today. “They're worried about the federal debt. They're worried about too much spending. They're worried about the government getting involved in things that it really can't do very well. And she best represents that view. And I think this conventional wisdom that she's easiest to beat is the same logic that forced — that encouraged the Republican establishment to endorse Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio [in Florida] — and we all know how that turned out.” Asked if he’s concerned that Reid, D-Nev., would be able to run against some of Angle’s more controversial positions – she wants to phase out Social Security and shutter the Departments of Energy and Education, for example – Kibbe said he’s not worried. “Well, [Reid] will run on that, and this will be a serious test as to whether or not the people of Nevada support a massive takeover of health care, $13 trillion in debt that's about to exceed the national GDP, vs. someone that's actually willing to look at entitlements, someone that's willing to look at government functions and say, ‘Hey, we can't afford to do everything. Let's choose what makes most sense for the people.’ ” On the oil spill, with a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finding more people upset with the federal response than were about the response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Kibbe said he hopes the disaster will fuel the debate over the size of government. “It's a sad story of government incompetence as well as negligence on the part of BP. And I think what you have to look at is — when there is a national disaster like this, we do expect our government to do some things, and to do them well, and the whole point of limited government is you want the government to be competent at those few things that we need it to do. And this is an example where the government was asleep at the switch, and there's a series of regulations that led to deep drilling as opposed to more economical, safer options.” Kibbe added: “The question is: How do you best provide a regulatory environment that allows businesses to thrive without exploiting the environment, without exploiting consumers? And I think that we could make a great argument for taking a step back and cutting a lot of the waste and duplicity and top-down management, so that we can have accountability.” For our “Post Politics” segment, we checked in with Chris Cillizza, author of “The Fix” blog at, to preview all of tomorrow’s big races. Watch the full interview with Matt Kibbe HERE.   Watch the segment with Chris Cillizza HERE.

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