Iran Sanctions Text Obtained, Vote Likely Wednesday

By Gregory

Jun 7, 2010 5:34pm

ABC News' Kirit Radia reports: ABC News has obtained the final draft of the latest Iran sanctions text that two US officials say is expected to be put to a vote in the UN Security Council on Wednesday. You can read the text HERE. US officials say they expect the resolution to pass, with all five veto-wielding countries on board despite last week’s Gaza flotilla violence. At least three non-veto countries, Brazil, Turkey, and Lebanon, are expected to vote against the resolution. The text, obtained from a UN diplomat, differs very little from the version initially presented to the full council on May 18 by the so-called P5+1, the five permanent members of the council plus Germany that have been negotiating with Iran. The final text adds an acknowledgement of the recent controversial nuclear fuel swap deal that Iran signed with Brazil and Turkey last month. In a sign of the P5+1′s displeasure with the deal it says does not prevent Tehran from pursuing a nuclear weapon if it wants to, the new document includes a new reference to “the importance of Iran addressing the core issues related to its nuclear programme.” Today council diplomats are putting the final touches on the document’s annexes, which will list the Iranian individuals and entities placed under sanctions. Those lists will ultimately determine how much teeth the new sanctions will have. The new sanctions would allow for the inspection of cargo to and from Iran, a tough measure similar to one put in place against North Korea, and sanction Iran’s shipping lines. It would also strengthen an arms embargo, toughen financial sanctions, and place a new emphasis on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps which have increased their financial and business holdings in the country. “In all, it is impressive that the draft survived so close to its original form and that it has continued to move ahead speedily with the support of China and Russia.  Ambassador Rice deserves a raise,” said Jacqueline Shire, a nuclear expert at the Institute for Science and International Security. Turkey and Brazil, in an effort to voice their opposition to the resolution one more time, called a meeting of the UN Security Council late this afternoon.

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