Robert Byrd on the Senate floor one more time?

Jun 28, 2010 3:24pm

ABC's Jonathan Karl Reports: As his family considers memorial plans for Senator Robert Byrd, one option under consideration is to have the Senator’s remains lie in state on the Senate floor.  ”If they family wants it, we’ll do it,” a Senate sources tells ABC News.   It hasn’t happened for a half century, but there is ample precedent for such a move.  The last Senator to lie in state was North Dakota Republican William “Wild Bill” Langer, a staunch anti-communist who was one of just two Senators to vote against the United Nations charter.  Senator Byrd would almost certainly have attended Langer’s memorial on the Senate floor; he was a freshman Senator at the time.  The only other Senator to lie in repose on the Senate floor was Senator Joe McCarthy in 1957.The above photos show services for Sen. John Logan in 1886 (bottom) and Sen. Joseph Robinson in 1937 (top).Here is a list of all 48 funerals to occur inside the U.S. Senate Chamber, courtesy the Senate Historical Office: Download Senate funerals

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