Today’s Q’s for O’s WH

By Gregory

Jun 21, 2010 2:44pm

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports:


MILLER: Ambassador Holbrooke's plane was fired on today as he left Afghanistan.  What does the White House know about the situation?  And do you consider it a threat aimed specifically at the ambassador?    

Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill BURTON:  I've seen those reports.  I don't know that they're fully accurate, that his plane itself was fired on.  But we're gathering information, and as soon as we know more we'll let you know. But as it stands, I don't — I don't know that his planes — was fired on.

MILLER: And on the immigration vote in Nebraska today — they'll be voting on an Arizona-esque vote to see if they should prohibit illegal immigrants from renting or hiring — does the White House have a position on this vote?  I know that the president spoke before the Arizona vote.
BURTON:  Since I'm not familiar with that specific law in  Nebraska, I'm not going to — I'm not going to comment on it.  But I will let you know if we got anything for you.    
MILLER: Okay.  On a lighter note, has the president spoken at all  about the intangible toll that this oil spill has taken on family structures in the Gulf at all?  A lot of the people in the Gulf are saying that, you know,    that there's increasing domestic violence.  They're struggling along   with their family structure.  He spoke a lot about this in his  Father's Day message today.  Is there any personal concerns that he   says — more than the monetary impact or jobs?  
BURTON:  Well, you know, I was with the president last week   when we went down to the Gulf, and you talk to some of these business  leaders who own small businesses that have been in — you know, that have been around for decades and decades, and it creates a lot of tension when the income that you've been relying on for so long has  suddenly come into question.  And this is an area that obviously was    devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  The recession took its toll on the   area as well.  And as they were about to bounce back, they now have this to deal with. So the president does feel deeply personal about living close to water, having grown up next to it, and is of course concerned about  all those families and what they're going to be able to do to turn their lives around.  But in terms of specifically to what you are   mentioning, I don't know that he's addressed that specifically.   

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