Must-Reads: How Low Can Obama’s Numbers Go?

By Kate McCarthy

Jul 22, 2010 6:34am

Sherrod fallout: Vilsack apologizes, but does Sherrod want to return to the USDA? She certainly wants to hear from Obama.

How low can they go? Obama’s poll numbers hit all-time low.

As Petraeus beefs up Afghan strategy, David Sanger takes a look at the debate over whether the war is worth it—a debate that is “unwinding one summer earlier than [Obama] had hoped.”

Dems divided over whether to extend the Bush era tax cuts.

I can attest to this: “Bare-bones service,” increased fees and a stressful flying experience has lead to rude passengers. But it turns out that “Golden age of flight” wasn’t all that golden.

As Australia goes, so goes America? E.J. Dionne ponders the question down under.

–George Stephanopoulos

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