On Our Scanner: Debt, Taxes, Immigration and Dems’ (Quick) Afghanistan Debate

Jul 27, 2010 11:53am

On our scanner this morning:

Debt and Taxes: There’s no doubt the president’s debt commission will be recommending some ratio of spending cuts and tax hikes (probably emphasis on the cuts) to deal with the $13 trillion national debt and the projected $70 trillion unfunded entitlement mandate (money that Medicare and Social Security will be expected to pay). Some Republicans are even sounding less dismissive of tax cuts. But with the tax pledge and angry voters, the politics of any sort of tax hikes – even ones to deal with the debt – will be difficult.

California Republican Meg Whitman talked to George on GMA this morning. And while she’s focused on winning the governorship in California, if she’s successful, she’d immediately become a consideration for the presidency too. She also talked tax cuts (extend the Bush-era tax cuts instead of letting them expire), how to run as a political novice, and more.

Live on the site: Part Two of Devin Dwyer’s thorough and engaging series on the undocumented/illegal immigrants living in plain sight. Today, he features a man facing deportation to Iran. But the man is gay, which is not smiled upon in Iran.

Today will bring a vote on the DISCLOSE Act in the Senate. The House had to add in special language for the NRA, the Sierra Club and AARP to get the bill passed. That strategy does not appear likely to work in the Senate, as no Republicans have yet signed on. Come November, Democrats will use the issue of campaign finance – and how the Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United could open the floodgates to more corporate spending in elections.

In the House, they are dealing with the difficult issue (for Democrats) of funding President Obama’s surge in Afghanistan. The $33 billion tab is due and many leading Democrats, including David Obey, are getting sticker shock for a war when they’d like to see a more decisive move toward the door. Jonathan Karl reports HERE.

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