Our RADAR: Obama is Reagan? Palin’s Philology, Her Georgia Test, Unemployment Politics

Jul 19, 2010 11:55am

On our radar this Monday:

A trivia question: What do Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan have in common? Find out here.

It is “irrefudiatable”: Sarah Palin, with just a tweet, can refocus attention on just about any issue – most recently the planned construction of a mosque near ground-zero in New York City. Read Joel Siegel’s report here.

Plus, politics in the South: Alvin Greene made his first official campaign appearance as the Democratic nominee for Senate. Rick Klein took a look on World News. Read that here.

Tuesday is primary day in Georgia and we’ll get an opportunity to see if Sarah Palin’s endorsement can help Karen Handel win the GOP nomination to run for governor. Read Huma Khan and Alexander Pepper’s June review of Palin picks here.

Back in Washington, Democrats finally appear ready to wrap their year-long quest to extend unemployment insurance for the long unemployed. But if President Obama’s comments this morning in the Rose Garden are any indication, the issue is not going away. Democrats will hit Republicans again and again through November  opposition to extending unemployment insurance that further adds to the debt. Republicans will turn around  and hit them over the head about the $13 trillion debt. Read it here.

Dana Priest’s Washington Post exhaustive expose on the ballooning size and unwieldy nature of the US Intelligence apparatus is bound to have a ripple effect. Stay tuned. Its notable that intelligence officials aren’t attacking her facts. Here is the first response.

-Z. Byron Wolf

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