Another Comeback Kid? Obama Rallies for Bennet as Clinton’s Colorado Pick Gains Steam

Aug 4, 2010 10:40am

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports:

The disclaimer when it comes to political endorsements is
always the same: There is little evidence that they have much of an impact on a

 But that doesn’t make them any less fun to talk about,
especially when they have to do with big political personalities like Bill
Clinton and Sarah Palin. And there are two interesting nuggets to consider:

 First, good news for the sage-seeming Bill Clinton.

There were groans but not a lot of outward frustration from
Washington Democrats back in late June when Clinton endorsed Andrew Romanoff to
be the Democratic Senate candidate in Colorado. Sure, the former President was
breaking with the current one in his endorsement, but Clinton would not be
traveling to Colorado to stump for Romanoff.

Romanoff, a former state House speaker, has run a tough
campaign against Bennet, who was appointed to succeed Sen. Ken Salazar, now Secretary  of Interior. Bennet is
seeing his name on a ballot for the first time.

Bennett is the candidate preferred by the White House and
Clinton’s endorsement of Romanoff was brushed aside because Bennet’s lead was
so sizable.

No more. With the primary set for next Tuesday, an unreliable
poll showed Romanoff in the lead. Washington Democrats dismiss that poll, but
admit that the race has tightened to within four or five points.

President Obama took part in a “tele-townhall” for Bennett
last night.

The campaign has turned ugly, particularly with a Romanoff
commercial, blasted as inaccurate by local media, that seeks to tie Bennett to
Wall Street.

Obama told Bennett supporters to ignore negative ads. And
the Bennett campaign has sought to foster backlash against Romanoff for going

Democrats seem resigned to either candidate winning at this point
and argue there is no evidence that Romanoff will do any worse in a general
election than Bennett.

For Clinton, the narrative of his potent endorsement is gaining steam after he campaigned for Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln, who though she is an incumbent, went on to unexpectedly win her party's nomination after a bruising primary.

 MEANWHILE, Sarah Palin’s crystal ball got a crack yesterday.
Her preferred horse in the Kansas Senate primary – Rep. Todd Tiahrt – lost to
the preferred horse of Sen. Jim DeMint – Rep. Jerry Moran.

This Item has been updated to correct the date of the Colorado primary.

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