Hillary Clinton for VP? Not So Fast, Strategists Say

By Kate McCarthy

Aug 13, 2010 10:46am

There has already been talk about whether Sec. Hillary Clinton would replace Vice President Joe Biden on the 2012 ticket – talk that both political strategists James Carville and Matthew Dowd dismissed this morning on "GMA."
"I doubt the Secretary of State wants to be Vice anything," Carville told me.
"Anytime you bring up the Secretary of State’s name it is provocative and people are interested in it and it causes all kinds of a stir. And that’s about all it is, I don’t see any evidence other than speculation that this would happen," Carville said.

That speculation began when former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder penned an opinion column in Politico entitled "Obama-Clinton ticket for 2012." In it he wrote "With this state of political fragility, Obama needs to reevaluate the policy advisers who brought him here. That leads to the threshold question of whether Joe Biden should remain on the ticket. I say no."
This type of chatter is usually associated with discussions about who is the so-called "heir" to the Democratic nomination, according to Dowd. Dowd said that what is so "silly" about this talk is that it doesn’t have to do with Joe Biden, it has to do with President Obama’s low approval rating.
"The funny thing about it is if you really took this to its logical end Joe Biden’s numbers are better than Barack Obama’s," Dowd said. "So if you wanted to replace somebody you wouldn’t start with Joe Biden."
Watch my interview with Dowd and Carville here then weigh in below and tell me who you think should be on the 2012 ticket. 

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