Today’s Q’s for O’s WH

By Alex Pepper

Aug 13, 2010 2:32pm

From Ann Compton


COMPTON: And once you get all of these in place, you feel you have kind of a long-term now stabilization on the numbers there.  Is the gap widening between the border security and then the more political issue on the other side of what to do will the illegal aliens who are in the United States now?  Isn't that a problem that now has even farther — especially with the lawsuits that are out there — is that becoming farther and farther from a possibility, not only this year, but next?


HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY NAPOLITANO:  Well, again, that goes to the issue of, you know, underlying immigration reform with those already in the country.  But we have set pretty clear priorities for ICE about who — who they should focus on from a law enforcement perspective, just like any prosecution office would. And we have directed — and the assistant secretary has directed — that we focus on criminal aliens, and — and record numbers are being removed from our country, criminal aliens, that we focus on gang members, that we focus on felony fugitives.  And when you look at the numbers, the numbers show that ICE has made significant strides in that regard, and, really, record numbers are being removed.


Later in the briefing:


COMPTON: To clarify, it sounds like you're not willing to give up on the relief wells.  Just leaving the cemented top as it is now is not enough for you?


ROBERT GIBBS:  I hesitate to get ahead of what I think the national incident command is going to do soon.  Again, we — we — the way we've always talked about this — about this is the importance of that relief well. Despite the fact that, if you, you know, look a month ago, a sealing cap largely prevented additional oil from coming out.  Mud on top of that increased that.  The cementing of that increased that. But we still have the relief well.


-Ann Compton

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