Who Are the Most Frustrated Voters?

By Kate McCarthy

Aug 10, 2010 9:51am

It’s clear from our recent polls and Frustration Index, which remained at 67 in July, that anti-establishment anger is strong this election year. But what is the most frustrated demographic in America today? The answer: white Republicans, with a frustration level of 86.

“This is evidence of, obviously, of why the Democrats are in trouble this year with the most frustrated group, the most engaged group, the group most likely to vote is white Republicans and it puts Democrats in danger,” ABC News’ Matt Dowd said on "GMA."

The least frustrated group according to our Index: black Democrats, with a frustration level of 41.

“This satisfaction number probably a year ago would have been in the 20's, and now it is up to 41. The good news is that they are not as frustrated as white Republicans, but this is still bad news for the Democrats because this is the group they have to motivate,” Dowd told me.

Watch Matt Dowd’s report on the frustration level of Nevada voters here:

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