Obama Calls Republican Leaders “Irresponsible.”

By Josh

Sep 27, 2010 11:37am

ABC News' Ann Compton reports: As President Obama prepared for a four state campaign swing to support endangered Democratic candidates for Congress, he sharpened his opposition to the Republican “Pledge to America” platform and his differences with GOP leaders. “What I am seeing out of the Republican leadership over last several years has been a set of policies are [sic]  just irresponsible,” the President said in a live interview on NBC’s Today Show. ”They propose $4 trillion worth of  tax cuts and 16 billion in spending cuts, and then say we are going to somehow magically balance the budget. That is not a serious approach.” The President was careful not to criticize Republican voters, however, calling them “a lot of wonderful people out there who consider themselves Republicans or independents who have maybe some criticisms of my administration but who basically recognize we’ve got to solve some big problems, we’ve got be serious, we’ve got to base our decisions on facts. “   Most of the televised interview focused on education. President Obama conceeded he believes his elementary school daughters are receiving a better education in an elite private school rather than the public schools of Washington, D.C., which the President described as “struggling.”

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