GOP “Pledge To America” Architect Peter Roskam Challenges Nancy Pelosi To ‘Call These Bills’

Sep 23, 2010 5:24pm

ABC's Michael Falcone reports:

On the same day that Republican unveiled their “Pledge to America,” Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Illinois, who is one of the GOP thought leaders behind the policy manifesto, urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take immediate action on the proposals. 

“She could gavel the House together and say ‘Alright, you Republicans are talking about job creation,' for example, 'and you want to make tax cuts permanent. Let's have a vote on it. You want to repeal the 1099 requirement in the unpopular health care law? Let's have a vote on it,’” Roskam said on ABC’s “Top Line.” “There's an urgency to this that in an opportunity — we ought not be talking about banging the gavel and whimpering out of town next week — instead, these are substantive things that we’re saying these are agenda items that can get us on a pathway and really in stark contrast to a policy that is underperformed and loaded dead on us and I think the country is hungry for specifics.”

Roskam, one of the House Republicans who announced the “Pledge” at an event in Sterling, Virginia on Wednesday told ABC’s Jonathan Karl that even though most members of Congress were anxious to get back to their districts and campaign in the closing weeks of the 2010 election cycle, that Pelosi should "call these bills."

“The Speaker, if she chose, could now instead of sloughing stuff off and kind of mocking it, instead could say 'Alright, we'll call your bluff Republicans — we're going to call these bills and we can do it right now.’”

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On one of the most contentious issues Democrats and Republicans have been debating recently — whether to extend or end the Bush-era tax cuts, in part or in full — Roskam refused to rule out supporting a temporary extension, but said he was pushing to make the cuts permanent.

Republican strategist Kevin Madden also spoke to ABC’s Karl and Rick Klein on “Top Line” and said that the newly-released GOP “Pledge” represented “the exclamation point or the period for the end of the argument that they've been making for the better part of two years.”

Looking ahead to the final weeks of the fall campaign, Madden predicted that there would be an 80-20 split in how much time Republican candidates would spend going after Democrats and the White House as opposed to campaigning on ideas outlined in the “Pledge.”

“I think right now you're going to have 80% of the candidates out there drawing a very specific contrast about what they would do to stop spending and stop deficits that have been racked up by the Obama administration and a Democratic Congress,” Madden said. “And then a good 20% of the time, they are going to be talking about what they would do, the common sense reforms that they would implement to earn the public's trust as a member of Congress.”

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