Rep. Kaptur: ‘Momentum in Ohio is Shifting to Democrats’

By Maya

Sep 29, 2010 4:03pm

ABC News' Rick Klein reports: With new polls suggesting that Democrats are making progress in motivating their base to vote this fall, a veteran Democratic member of Congress who’s locked in a tight race in critical Ohio said she senses a shift in the electorate beginning to set in. “The momentum in Ohio is shifting to the Democrats,” Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, said on ABC’s “Top Line” today. “Our governor, Ted Strickland, has actually closed the gap with his opponent John Kasich, as people understand Mr. Kasich’s ties to Wall Street. “In my own race, my own opponent – who’s a multi-millionaire tea partyist – actually, in the last 24 hours, has come out against the minimum wage, he supports NAFTA, and he refused to support the 1964 Civil Rights Act.” “People are seeing the difference between the candidates, and I think that the enthusiasm is growing. I know our yard signs are going ‘pop’ out of the doors out at our campaign offices in Ohio. So I think the momentum is shifting in Ohio as voters really focus in on who the candidates are, and what they stand for.” Kaptur, who is running for a 15th term this year against Republican Rich Lott, said President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden can be a big boost to Democrats on the trail.     “I think that it’s wonderful that the president and vice president are traveling the country,” she said. She also said she and other Democrats should continue to talk up the accomplishments of the new health care law passed by Democrats this year. “When people understand what’s in the bill,” she said. “I think most Americans say, ‘I want to be on that side.’ ” Kaptur continued: “And I think that if we look at this – the party that I’m proud to be a member of – it was Franklin Roosevelt that gave us Social Security, it was Lyndon Johnson that gave us Medicare, and it’s President Obama that has  actually dealt with the remaining people in America who are having insurance problems, over half of which, as I say, are small business. I came from that kind of family. Most small businesses have four persons or less working for them — it’s going to make a difference. And we are turning a new leaf for the future. We’re not going back.” Watch the full interview with Rep. Marcy Kaptur HERE. We also checked in with The New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny on the president’s efforts to motivate the base. “Democrats do still have a few tricks up their sleeves, in terms of structural advantages,” Zeleny told us. Watch that portion of “Top Line” HERE.

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