Tea Party Organizer on Rove: “Karl Should Stay Out of It”

By Jared

Sep 15, 2010 1:57pm

ABC’s Z. Byron Wolf reports:
Tea Party Express organizer Amy Kremer was in Alaska for Joe Miller’s upset victory and in Delaware for Christine O’Donnell’s jarring upset of Republican favorite Mike Castle.
On Wednesday Kremer was in ABC’s studio for Top Line, where she had some tough words for Karl Rove and refuted polling and conventional wisdom that when conservative O’Donnell defeated the moderate Castle in the Republican primary it became much easier for Democrats to keep control of the Senate come November.
“This isn’t about sending Republicans to Washington, it’s about sending conservatives to Washington,” said Kremer, whose group has worked hard to engineer Tea Party upsets all year.
But she said it is a grassroots movement with “fire in the belly” that Republican Party officials and Democrats continue to underestimate.
Karl Rove was dejected Tuesday night when he told Sean Hannity on Fox News that O’Donnell was not an impressive candidate and that Democrats were likely to win the Delaware seat with her on the ballot in November.
“Karl should stay out of it,” said Kremer, calling his comments against O’Donnell disgraceful. National Republicans had said Tuesday they would stay out of the race now that Castle has been defeated. Those proclamations were being walked back by Wednesday as NRSC Chairman John Cornyn and RNC Chairman Michael Steele both said they would support O’Donnell.
Kremer said that support is great, but not necessary.
“She doesn't need their support to win. Obviously, no one thought she could win this, they were going after her with full force. I believe, she was outspent 10 to 1 and she won it. She won it by a big margin. So yeah, I think she'd like to have their support, but it's not required. She needs the support of the people to win,” said Kremer.
“You know these seats don't belong to the Republican Party or the state parties. They belong to the people. No matter how much money you can put into these races and the establishment gets behind these candidates, you can't buy the fire in the belly, that passion and that is what is enabling the people to go out and elect these true conservative candidates,” she said.
Kremer also talked about the Tea Party Express’s finances. After the tough primary upsets in Alaska and Delaware, there are reports the group’s resources have been drained. Kremer said they would rely on donations from voters to carry them through November.
The Washington Post’s Dan Balz also appeared on Top Line. He said that despite polling and prognostication that shows Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons to be a better electoral fit with Delaware, Democrats should not take the seat for granted. “I think every Democrat ought to be nervous this fall,” Balz said. “There is a force, an anti-Washington, anti-establishment force. If you are on the wrong side of that, you are in potential danger.  Almost no matter where you sit.” You can watch his full interview on "Top Line" HERE. – Z. Byron Wolf 

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