The Biden Report: VP Thanks Bush, Gives Troops Hot Dogs

By Cullen Dirner

Sep 9, 2010 9:22am

ABC News’ Cullen Dirner reports:

The Vice President made an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” where he delivered a message to former President George W. Bush.

“Mr. President, Thank you.  You have honored these guys, you have honored these women, you’ve honored these troops and I have known you your entire eight years as President.  I’ve never known a time when you didn’t care about what happened, we’ve disagreed on policy, but you deserve a lot of credit Mr. President,” Biden said.

Colbert reaching across the table and into the frame of the camera added, “Mr. President I never disagreed with your policy.”

The show given in order to honor military service members, was centered around the recent drawdown of U.S. troops in Iraq.  “I am confident they are going to get a Government,” the Vice President said.

Colbert pushed the Vice President to throw the troops a “parade” to send the message that we had in fact won the war.   Biden was eager to point out that their Administration had not gone so far to use that terminology, “if you’ve noticed, we haven’t said we’ve won it, we’ve said this is a significant milestone,” he said. 

But it wasn’t all serious talk on the late night show, Biden made his first appearance in disguise, handing out hot dogs to troops in the audience.  It was until host, Steven Colbert demanded a hot dog that he was even noticed, “Hey! I’ll take a dog.  Hey hot dog guy.”  Biden surprised viewers as he shouted back, “Hey man, to you it’s Mr. Vice President hot dog guy.” 

Colbert explained it is not every day you see the Vice President handing out hot dogs. “Mr. Biden sir, I am sorry, I didn’t expect the Vice President to serve hot dogs,” he said. 

- Cullen Dirner


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