With Jobless Rate Rising, Obama Pledges to “Keep Working”

By Cullen Dirner

Sep 4, 2010 6:01am

From Sunlen MillerOn Labor Day weekend, President Obama says that while the holiday is a chance to “throw some food on the grill” it is also a day to honor to American worker, promising to “keep working day-by-day” to restore economic security.His weekly address coming just one day after jobs number showing 54,000 jobs lost in August, the president says that he doesn’t have to tell most Americans that it is a “very tough time” for the country. “So this Labor Day, we should recommit ourselves to our time-honored values and to this fundamental truth: to heal our economy, we need more than a healthy stock market; we need bustling main streets and a growing, thriving middle class,” Obama says, “that’s why I will keep working day-by-day to restore opportunity, economic security, and that basic American Dream for our families and future generations."The president gave a status report of steps that he feels his administration has taken to stop the “bleeding” of jobs and help the recovery- outlining investments in infrastructure, emergency steps to prevent layoffs of teachers, firefighters, and police officers and tax cuts for small businesses. “But strengthening our economy means more than that.  We’re fighting to build an economy in which middle class families can afford to send their kids to college, buy a home, save for retirement, and achieve some measure of economic security when their working days are done.  And over the last two years, that has meant taking on some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for far too long.” Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY) delivering the Republican’s weekly address, targets the administration’s named “Recovery Summer” for being a “meaningless slogan,” without enough job creation. “The Obama Administration told the American people this would be a ‘Recovery Summer,’” Davis says, “But, our economy continues to lose jobs. Growth has slowed to anemic levels.  Our national debt is growing by more than four billion dollars per day.  So as it turns out, ‘Recovery Summer’ was nothing more than a meaningless slogan. Americans don’t want slogans, they want solutions, which is exactly what Republicans are offering.”After spending the majority of his Labor Day weekend with his family at Camp David, President Obama will head into an economically-heavy week. After a speech on the economy in Milwaukee on Monday the president will discuss some “targeted proposals” to grow the economy in Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday, the White House says. – Sunlen Miller

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