Bin Laden, Sarah Palin and Pete Rouse — Today’s Qs for O’s WH — 10/1/10

By Jared

Oct 1, 2010 1:39pm

TAPPER:  Bin Laden has a new tape out.  It's one in which he calls on Muslims to give charity to victims of the Pakistani floods. This new approach, this new kind of message that he's been putting out comes at the same time that officials are worried about a Mumbai-style attack being plotted by Al Qaida.   I was just wondering if you guys had any comment on the new tape? Any comment on his new propaganda effort?  

GIBBS:  No, look, I — I don't have anything specifically on the tape.   Obviously, our government and — has — has done quite a bit in terms of aid and help in what were obviously very tragic events and tragic floods in Pakistan.  We understand that is an important part of our bilateral relationship ensuring that assistance.   I — I don't want to get into threats and what have you, except to say that obviously the president is updated and has been an active participant in — in meetings — is an active participant in meetings every week dealing with whatever information we have, and insists on that information being shared and ensuring that every department has whatever it may or may not need to deal with the crisis.  

TAPPER:  And then on Pete Rouse, I wonder if first of all if you could talk about his — or explain why he's a registered voter in Alaska.  

GIBBS:  He's not.  

TAPPER:  He's not a registered voter…  

GIBBS:  No.  He's a registered voter in the District of Columbia.  

TAPPER:  He did vote absentee ballot in — in Alaska in 2008.    

GIBBS:  I — I can check on that.  I know — I was talking to Pete yesterday.  He voted, I think — I don't know who, but — who he voted for, but he voted in the mayor's race here.  

TAPPER:  OK.   And Governor Palin, former Governor Palin has insinuated that Rouse — she suspected Rouse was part of a plot against her.  She wrote about this in her book.  She's tweeted about it — tweeted suggestions about this recently.   I was just wondering if you guys have any comment on that.  

GIBBS:  No.  I mean, you know, it — it's a fairly silly accusation that is baseless.  

TAPPER:  So he has — he had nothing to do with any of the attacks against…


TAPPER: OK.  Thank you.

–Jake Tapper

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