In Portland, Obama Pitches for Kitzhaber: “You Need Him One More Time”

Oct 20, 2010 11:52pm

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: In Portland this evening President Obama went to bat for gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber, arguing that the state needs him one more time. “You need him again, you need him one more time,” Obama said tonight at a rally at the Portland Convention Center. Kitzhaber served as governor twice before, from 1994-2002 and is running for a third term in a close race against Republican Chris Dudley, a former NBA player. “This should not be a difficult choice,” Obama quipped. “I know you have a race where both candidates are talking about change. But there’s only one candidate who has delivered change. And that’s John Kitzhaber. You know John’s track record.” Tonight’s stop is the first of Mr. Obama’s 6 city, 5 state, 4 day Western swing in the lead up to election day. With a long road ahead of him, the president – who coughed many times during his speech – has his work cut out for him as he’s feeling a bit under the weather. “I’m getting a cold. I’m actually getting over it but you know I would suspect by the end of this speech I am going to hoarse. But I know it won’t matter because you are going to be fired up even if you can’t hear me.” The president said that it is up to voters to tell the Republicans that they have not forgotten about their time in office. “It is up to you to tell them we haven’t forgotten. We don’t have amnesia, and we don’t want what you’re selling because we’ve tried it before and we didn’t like it because it didn’t work.” As he will many times during his Western swing much of the president’s remarks were devoted to get-out-the vote efforts. “We need you all to mail in your ballots now,” Obama said, “mail them in!” President Obama’s brother-in-law, Craig Robinson – the basketball coach at Oregon State University –came out for the event. And the president also got a visit from his high school friend from Hawaii Greg Orme whose wife recently had a baby. Orme, his wife, and their infant rode from the airport together to the event, in the limousine with a tiny car seat installed especially for the ride. -Sunlen Miller

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