Obama to GOP- Going Forward, ‘It’s Not Going to Be Enough Just To Play Politics’

By Jenny Schlesinger

Oct 25, 2010 6:00pm

Sunlen Miller reports: Using the delay of the small business aid bill which ultimately passed in September as an example, President Obama said today that he hopes the Republican Party will change their minds about “playing politics” going forward.  “I wish that Republican leaders in Congress had agreed earlier.  They voted against these ideas again and again,” Obama said of the $30 billion aid bill today from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, “It’s just playing politics.  You know, if you're going to talk a big game, then you need to deliver."  The president highlighted the Republican obstruction in the days leading up to the bill’s passage and said that he hopes this will change going forward.  “I hope that my friends on the other side of the aisle are going to change their minds going forward," Obama said, ”it’s not going to be enough just to play politics.  You can't just focus on the next election; you've got to focus on the next generation."  Speaking from the floor of American Cord and Webbing, a third-generation small business which makes webbing, cords, buckles, plastic and metal hardware for sporting good and travel gear, the president used their company as an example of a small business beginning to grow again.   “They buckled down — that was a pun,” Obama joked, “And they invested in new products and pursued new customers.  And over the past year they've hired back all the workers they had to lay off.”  Last month the company was approved for an SBA loan that will help them expand the facility by nearly a half.  “It's small businesses like this one, after all, that are the — the bricks and blocks, the — the cord and webbing, if you will, of our economy,” Mr. Obama said.  The president toured the factory beforehand, where he saw customized leashes being made for First Dog, Bo Obama, which read, “Malia and Sasha Love,” which the president said he was “enormously proud” of. Ending on a confident note the president said that while there are “big problems” that the country still faces, “I'm absolutely convinced that there are brighter days ahead.” In the audience a seat for Democratic candidate for Governor Frank Caprio was reserved, among the other VIPS, yet as anticipated he did not show up for today’s event.  -Sunlen Miller

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