Obama Tries Mythbusting

By Josh

Oct 18, 2010 10:04am

ABC News' Ann Compton Reports: Mythbusting seems like a daily political exercise for Team Obama but the President is challenging  science stars on the Discovery Channel to bust an ancient myth. At today’s White House science fair for science, math, and technology students, Pres. Obama announced his coming cameo on the cable program.  “I can announce today that I taped a special guest appearance for their show,” the president told students, “although I didn't get to blow anything up. I was a little frustrated with that.” The hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage came here in person to take on the challenge of Archimedes, the Greek science phenom who, legend has it, stopped attacking Roman ships by setting them ablaze with rays of the sun reflected by bronze mirrors. Perhaps President Obama doesn’t know the Mythbusters have busted this one – twice. Last October’s episode shows their huge array of 300 modern mirrors utterly failing to ignite one small wooden craft, even when it was moored in place so the rays of the sun could be intensified.  “That’s the reason to do it again,” Mythbuster Adam Savage later told reporters.  “To add new data and to apply it in a different way.  That’s science. We are willing actually to say we got it wrong last time.” This time they recreate Archimedes actual trick of giving 500 soldiers polished bronze shields to reflect the sun’s rays. The cable show uses 500 school students in California. Co-host Jamie Hyneman, in his trademark black beret added, “The results are really quite surprising. ” But audiences will have to wait for the December 8th broadcast for the verdict on Archimedes. — Ann Compton

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