The Note’s Must-Reads for Friday, October 15, 2010

Oct 15, 2010 4:16am

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ABC News’ Jonathan Karl: “Exclusive: Harry Reid's Mea Culpa: 'Have We Done Enough? Of Course Not.'” As he fights for his political life in Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tells ABC News he wishes he could have done more to help his state recover from the recession. "We have worked really, really hard," Reid told ABC News. "But it was such a deep hole. And I wish we could've done more, and I look back, I realize how much more we have to do." LINK

The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker: “In many congressional swing districts, seniority is falling by wayside” For 14 years, Richard W. Pombo was the congressman for the San Joaquin Valley district here. In that time, he built a cowboy persona – George W. Bush dubbed him "The Marlboro Man" – and amassed power, rising to chairman of the House Resources Committee. LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Brody Mullins and Danny Yadron: “Democratic Funding Fades” A late effort by Democrats to match record fund raising by conservative organizations has come up short, leaving the party more reliant than usual on the campaign efforts of labor unions. LINK

USA Today’s Fredreka Schouten: “In this volatile election, money isn’t everything” Todd Young is a political novice with less name recognition than his opponent and even less campaign cash. LINK

The Washington Times’ Kara Rowland: “GOP eyes road back in New England” After being entirely shut out of New England in 2008, House Republicans are making the traditionally liberal region competitive this year — so much so that liberal icon Rep. Barney Frank is facing his strongest challenge in years and had to call former President Bill Clinton in to stump for him on the campaign trail. LINK

The Los Angeles Times’ Ashley Powers: “Reid and Angle get personal in Nevada Senate debate”The Nevada Senate debate Thursday night between Democratic incumbent Harry Reid and Republican rival Sharron Angle played out as testily as the pair's numerous attack ads, with the candidates clashing over taxes, the environment, healthcare and how best to create jobs. LINK

The Denver Post’s Michael Booth: “Michelle Obama: ‘We’re going to need people like Michael’ Bennet” First lady Michelle Obama amplified a personal appeal with a political rallying cry in Cherry Hills Village today, calling herself the "mom in chief" and urging her Democratic charges to get out the vote for Sen. Michael Bennet. LINK

Politico’s Jonathan Martin: “Nevada Fight Night fizzles” Republican Sharron Angle lashed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the only debate of the Nevada Senate race Thursday night, telling the Democrat to “man up” at one point and questioning how he got wealthy during his years in Congress. Reid repeatedly called Angle “extreme” and touted his work on behalf of the economically beleaguered state. LINK

The Boston Globe’s Micharl Levenson: “Cahill agrees to suspend lottery adsIndependent gubernatorial candidate Timothy P. Cahill agreed last night to stop airing a million-dollar taxpayer-funded ad blitz for the lottery while Attorney General Martha Coakley investigates whether the ads violate the state law that forbids elected officials from using public funds to further their political careers. LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Chris Brennan: “Now-legal outside funding spices Senate campaign ads, introduces element of mystery and fuels campaign-finance debateU.S. Rep. Joe Sestak supports an "unfair scheme to grow unions" through federal legislation that will cost Pennsylvania thousands of jobs. Former U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey "supports letting Wall Street execs keep every penny of their bonuses" but doesn't think that soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan should get a combat-pay bonus. LINK

The New York Times’ Dexter Filkins: “U.S. Uses Attacks to Nudge Taliban Toward a Deal” Airstrikes on Taliban insurgents have risen sharply here over the past four months, the latest piece in what appears to be a coordinated effort by American commanders to bleed the insurgency and pressure its leaders to negotiate an end to the war. LINK

The Miami Herald’s Melissa Nelson: “Judge: Health act suit can go to trial” Crucial pieces of a lawsuit challenging the Obama administration's healthcare overhaul can go to trial, with a judge ruling Thursday he wants to hear more arguments over whether it is constitutional to force citizens to buy health insurance. LINK'

ABC News’ Ariane de Vogue, Devin Dwyer, Luis Martinez and Jason Ryan: “'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': Justice Dept. Asks Judge to Reinstate Ban on Openly Gay Troops” The Obama administration today asked a federal judge to suspend her order for an immediate, worldwide end to the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, which prohibits gay and lesbian service members from openly serving.  As of now, the Department of Defense is barred from implementing the policy, and on Thursday Pentagon spokesman Col. David Lapan said, "the Department will abide by the terms in the court's ruling, effective as of the time and date of the ruling." LINK

Newsweek’s David Graham: “Six Things O’Donnell Could Do After the Election” While Christine O'Donnell appears to have avoided campaign-crashing gaffes in last night's Delaware Senate debate, her chances in the race appear to be fading. Although interest remains high, she trails Democrat Chris Coons by an increasing margin, and she claims the National Republican Senatorial Committee has quit helping herLINK

ABC News: “Obama on DADT: 'It Will End On My Watch'” President Obama talks about Don't Ask Don't Tell at BET CMT MTV town hall. LINK

ABC News: “Paladino on Gay Rights Flap: 'It's Really Done'” NY GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino talks politics on 'Top Line.' LINK

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