Tim Kaine Worried Karl Rove May Be Right

By Kate McCarthy

Oct 15, 2010 8:29am

Karl Rove claims that contributions to his organizations Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads have surged since Democrats attacked him for failing to disclose the group's donors. When I asked Tim Kaine about that this morning on "GMA" he said Rove may be right.

“That should trouble folks. And look the polling I’ve seen suggests the American public cares deeply about this,” the DNC chairman told me. “The prospect of shadowy groups being able to put money in secretly to buy elections, to bypass the rules that the candidates have to follow in terms of disclosing their donors, should worry everybody.”

Kaine also stood by his claim that failure to disclose these donations smacks of Watergate – despite offering no evidence that any laws have been broken.

“Watergate was a scandal that involved a number of things including campaign financing that was being done with dollars bills in sacks handed over to the committee to reelect the president,” he said.

“And the Republicans have made, I believe, a concerted effort to divert as much campaign funding as they can into non-reporting entities aided by the Supreme Court decision, the Citizens United, so the American public will not know who is funding the campaign,” he added.

Watch the interview here:

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