West Virginia Gov. Manchin’s “Blood Boiling” Over “Hickey” Casting Call

By Jenny Schlesinger

Oct 7, 2010 4:32pm

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reports:  Down in the polls, Governor Joe Manchin, D-WV, is hoping he’ll get a big boost from the dust up over the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s “hickey” casting call on behalf of John Raese, R-WV.  I met up with Governor Manchin in Morgantown, West Virginia today where he did a little line dancing with some senior citizens and then blasted Raese over the NRSC’s ad.  “I wouldn’t have been upset if they said we want coal miners and truckers,” he told me.  “Those are 2 of the most honorable professions we have- hard-working people. But to cast that in such a disparaging light is just awful. And that does get your blood boiling in West Virginia whether you’re a democrat, republican, or an independent.  It should get them fired up.”  Governor Manchin insists he’s never used non-West Virginians in his ads and although this ad controversy involves an ad made by the Republican Party and not the Raese campaign, Manchin insists Raese should take responsibility and apologize for the ad.  “He must apologize,” Governor Manchin said.  ”I mean, that’s not right. That’s not who we are. And I would hope it’s not who he is.”      For its part the Raese campaign says it never wanted this ad to air in the first place:  “The ad is ridiculous and I am happy to say that no one with the Raese campaign had anything to do with it. As a matter of fact, we asked that it be taken down long before it went public,” Raese Press Secretary, Kevin McLaughlin said in a statement.  But this ad was done as an independent expenditure by the NRSC, which means it could be a violation of FEC rules if the Raese campaign saw the ad before it went public. Independent expenditure ads by party committees are not allowed to be coordinated with the campaigns of individual candidates. Raese's campaign said he did not see the advertisement before it aired.  "When I stated that we had wanted the ad taken down 'before it became public' I was referring to the information concerning the casting call that became public after the ad itself had become public," said Kevin McLaughlin in a statement. "The ad itself is an independent expenditure, and we had no knowledge of it before it aired."

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