A ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ Angle Heads to the Polls, Gets Hammered by Local Media for Being Aloof

By Maya

Nov 2, 2010 6:04pm

ABC News' Gregory Simmons reports: 

Sharron Angle and her husband headed to McQueen High School this morning to cast their votes. Smiley and upbeat, Angle told ABC News she was “doing great!” and then headed inside to vote.

Surrounded by a flock of media, Angle joked, “This is supposed to be a private ballot, you know!”

When Angle took questions after voting, many questions had nothing to do with Election Day at all — or the prospect that a little known Tea Partier might topple the Senate Majority Leader. The local media instead wanted to know where Angle has been over the past few months and why she hasn’t responded to their requests.

The first question came from a local TV reporter: “Mrs. Angle, why are we just hearing from you today? We've been trying to track you down for weeks now.”

Angle seemed surprised at the notion she was avoiding the press: “Well, you just haven't been in the right places, I guess.”

Another member of the local media pressed Angle, “We were there Thursday at the back door [of Microsoft]. Why were you trying to run from us?

Angle took heat last week for using a decoy to distract the press who had waited two hours for her to emerge after a speech at Microsoft, while she exited another way.

“Well, we had other places to go that day and we hadn't scheduled any events,” Angle said. "You need to schedule with us you know? Look how many of you there are here today. I need to get out to my voters.”

The topic soon shifted to more pragmatic matter of politics. Angle said, if elected, her first order of business would be to repeal Obamacare and then to make sure the Bush-era tax cuts were made permanent – something she said she hoped would be accomplished during the lame duck session.

In regards to the neck-and-neck race between she and Senator Reid, Angle suggested she was ready to call for a recount, should the voting tallies be close enough.

“Whatever is necessary to do when you're in an election, you have to be ready for any option,” she said.

Of the final three questions, two circled back to Angle’s openness with the press.


“I've always been open with the press,” Angle said, and then offered her press contact’s phone number.

“We left several messages and never got a call back.,” one member of the press retorted.

“Well, when you have so many calls, it's difficult to return every call,” Angle explained.

A grass roots operation, it seems, does have its drawbacks.

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